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General Dentistry


The usage of Invisalign is a simple and successful dental technique that can correct minor tooth misalignment. Invisalign surgery is more likely to be successful for esthetic reasons than for refining functionality. Wearing aligners for 24 hours a day is recommended, with a change in aligners every 1 to 2 weeks. Aligners can last anywhere from six months to a year. However, substantial retention is required to prevent the teeth from reverting to their previous condition. We offer custom-made Invisalign® that will best suit your dental needs.

Traditional Braces

More complex and complicated teeth misalignment may require the use of traditional braces. Thus, many people still rely on braces for dental procedures as it works efficiently in closing gaps and correcting teeth misalignment and bite problems.

Benefits Of Traditional Braces:

More Reliable In Correcting Complex Orthodontic Cases

The wire and bracket that makes up the braces are attached to your teeth to provide support in properly adjusting the teeth to their desired position.

Strong Effect

Traditional braces are powerful and greatly dependable in correcting severe and complicated orthodontic issues.

Minimize Grinding Of Teeth Or Bruxism

Traditional braces prevent teeth grinding or bruxism while sleeping.